Accelerating Africa's Energy Transformation | TOPBAND’s Exhibition at South Africa Solar&Storage Live Africa 2024 Ended Successfully!


On March 20, the three-day Solar&Storage Live Africa 2024 came to a perfect end at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. At this exhibition, TOPBAND showcased its comprehensive solutions such as energy storage inverters, EMS energy management system, and "PV-ESS-Charging" integrated solutions, based on the "1 Cell 1 Cloud 3S"(cell,cloud, EMS, BMS, PCS) core technology, fully demonstrating TOPBAND’s innovative technology and comprehensive strength in the field of new energy, and attracting much attention.

As an innovation leader in the new energy industry, TOPBAND leads the field of small and medium energy storage with the independent and controllable core technology of "1 Cell 1 Cloud 3S" (cell, cloud platform, BMS, PCS, EMS), providing customers with key components and system solutions. TOPBAND also promote the the field of new energy vehicles by its comprehensive technology system of "Four electrics and one network" (electronic control, motor, battery, power supply and Internet of Things platform), providing customers with core components, charging equipment and PV-ESS-Charging system solutions to promote green and low-carbon development.

For the booth design, TOPBAND followed the concept of "minimalism, science and technology, environmental protection", which perfectly fits the theme of this exhibition. In the way of display, it used lighting to vividly present its comprehensive solutions. TOPBAND’s excellent exhibits attracted many visitors to view and actively communicate with the staff, creating a lively atmosphere.

Star Exhibits Attracted Numerous Attention

At this exhibition, TOPBAND showcased its innovative products and cutting-edge technologies in the field of new energy, based on the core technology of "I Cell 1 Cloud 3S", presenting a series of innovative products and technologies such as home storage all-in-one machine, balcony micro-energy storage solution, square cell, portable power supply and charging pile, which perfectly matches the diversified energy storage needs of overseas regions and helps the development of new energy in Africa and the global region. Among them, star exhibits such as energy storage inverters and EMS energy management system have won much praise.

Energy Storage Inverters

In response to the prominent problem of unstable power conversion in Africa and other regions, TOPBAND deeply focused on user needs and independently developed a full range of energy storage inverters for home, industrial and commercial, and other scenarios. The Single-phase AC hybrid inverter and Three-phase AC hybrid inverter products on display can not only realize the functions of on-grid and off-grid at the same time, but also complete the bidirectional control of electric energy, carrying out highly autonomous energy allocation through intelligent control. In addition, the dust and waterproof level of TOPBAND’s inverter products has reached IP65, and the off-grid series of products can be perfectly compatible with a variety of batteries. TOPBAND’s inverter products also support arc protection, and the DC side is equipped with secondary surge protection, which provides safer power protection for overseas users, intelligently addressing the key problems faced by different energy storage application scenarios.

TOPBAND’s Energy Storage Inverters

EMS Energy Management

Based on its deep cloud platform capabilities, TOPBAND showcases an autonomous and controllable EMS energy management system. The system uses a combination of hardware and software, and cloud-edge-end integrated architecture, and have functions such as real-time monitoring, panoramic analysis, security early warning and intelligent control, which can achieve efficient and rapid control, provide a strong guarantee for the stable and safe operation of the system, effectively reduce the impact of distributed energy systems on the power grid, and maximize system benefits. In addition, this system has strong compatibility, perfectly supports industrial and commercial energy storage systems, wind/light energy storage power stations, mobile storage and charge systems, home energy storage systems, multi-energy complementary micro-grid systems and other scenarios. The EMS energy management system can efficiently help Africa and other regions to complete accurate demand forecasting, optimal scheduling and real-time monitoring of the system, thus achieving intelligent and refined energy management.

TOPBAND’s EMS Energy Management

Multi-scenario "PV-ESS-Charging" Solution to Accelerate Energy Transformation

With the increasing demand for technological change in the new energy industry, integrated solutions are becoming a major trend in the market. TOPBAND insists on technological breakthroughs and product innovation, launching a multi-scenario "PV-ESS-Charging" solution. At this exhibition, TOPBAND‘s industrial and commercial "PV-ESS-Charging” integration model made a stunning debut, which can provide customers with a full-cycle new energy solution by combining photovoltaic power generation systems, energy storage systems and charging facilities.

TOPBAND’s “PV-ESS-Charging" Integrated Charging Station Model

Previously, TOPBAND’s "PV-ESS-Charging" integrated solution has successfully delivered a number of projects in different scenarios and fully accumulated project experience, further improving its comprehensive strength in the field of new energy. Among them, the “PV-ESS-Charging" Integrated Charging Station in Huizhou Huida Expressway Yuanshan Service Area, which is put into use in September 2023, is the first completed "PV-ESS-Charging" energy storage pilot project in Guangdong province. This application helped build a low-carbon expressway service area through the mode of photovoltaic + energy storage + charging pile, promoting the deep integration of transport and renewable energy. TOPBAND’s "PV-ESS-Charging” integrated solution can provide customers with comprehensive energy services for relevant scenarios, and implement digital empowerment, helping Africa and other overseas regions to achieve energy conservation and efficiency improvement, and to enhance the low-carbon level.

In the future, TOPBAND will always adhere to the brand core value concept of "Agile, Innovation and Partnership" and insist that the "Technology has value", to provide customers with more efficient, low-carbon and sustainable new energy comprehensive solutions, promoting energy transformation and making the world more intelligent and low-carbon with global customers.