Advancing the Global Energy Transition! TOPBAND will Appear in South Africa Solar&Storage Live Africa 2024


From March 18-20, the Solar&Storage Live Africa 2024 will be held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. As the largest solar energy exhibition in South Africa, Solar&Storage Live Africa 2024 will gather many internationally renowned companies in the new energy industry and fully showcase cutting-edge solar technologies and innovative products, exploring the integration of traditional power generation, low-carbon innovation, and renewable energy solutions. Shenzhen Topband Co., LTD. (Stock code: 002139. SZ) will show up at this exhibition with the key components and comprehensive solutions based on its core technologies of “1 Cell 1Cloud 3S”(cell, cloud platform, BMS, PCS, EMS).

South Africa aims to find solutions for sustainable energy development through this exhibition. Although Africa is rich in renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy, its access to and use of energy is limited, for instance, its installed renewable energy power generation capacity accounts for less than 3% of the global capacity (IRENA Renewable Energy Market Analysis of Africa, 2022). Due to the lack of reliable and economical sustainable modern energy, Africa is facing a huge challenge of energy supply, heavily affecting its life production, social development, and ecological environment. Thus,  sustainable renewable energy is crucial to Africa's future.

TOPBAND has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy for many years, and its innovative products and technologies will undoubtedly facilitate the development of modern energy in Africa. The new energy business of TOPBAND is mainly for the two major application fields of small and medium-sized energy storage, and new energy vehicles. For the energy storage industry, TOPBAND mainly focuses on home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, portable energy storage and other application fields, and provides customers with components and systematic solutions through its core technologies of "1 Cell 1 Cloud 3S" (cell, cloud platform, BMS, PCS and EMS). In the field of new energy vehicles, focusing on the charging scenario and mobile scenario of new energy vehicles, TOPBAND provides core components, charging equipment and "PV-ESS-EV Charging" solution for customers by its comprehensive technical system of "Four Electrics and One Network" (electric control, motor, battery, power, and IoT) , promoting the green and low-carbon development.

Presenting the Outstanding Comprehensive Solutions in A Lively Way

The booth design follows the concept of "minimalism, science and technology, environmental protection", which perfectly presents the sense of science and technology while interpreting low-carbon environmental protection aesthetics. In addition, the exhibits are presented with lighting to demonstrate the composition of the product scene, making the exhibits "live" and vividly show the comprehensive strength of TOPBAND in the field of new energy.

Firstly, TOPBAND's core technologies can promote the energy transition. At this exhibition, TOPBAND will showcase the key component products in the core technology of "one core one Cloud 3S" : battery, cloud platform, EMS and PCS. This will provide systematic intelligent solutions for the development of new energy in Africa and accelerate its energy transition.

Secondly, TOPBAND's multiple product solutions can perfectly match Africa’s needs. TOPBAND will  launch diversified products and solutions in three application scenarios of home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage and portable energy storage, including inverter of different specifications, home storage integrated machine, portable power supply, balcony micro energy storage, energy management system and charging gun and other core products. TOPBAND will provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent energy storage solutions, achieving end-to-end closed-loop service throughout the entire process.

Besides, TOPBAND's "PV-ESS-EV Charging" solution can promote the development of green energy. TOPBAND will exhibit the "PV-ESS-EV Charging" solution model to further explore the energy needs of Africa and help improve the energy efficiency of this area. Previously, TOPBAND's "PV-ESS-EV Charging" solution had successfully delivered a number of projects in different application scenarios, fully accumulated project experience. TOPBAND can provide comprehensive energy services for relevant scenarios in Africa and other regions overseas, and implement digital empowerment to enhance Africa’s energy efficiency, promoting the green and low-carbon development.

Co-creating A Sustainable Energy Future through A Global Layout

This is the second year that TOPBAND have participated in the solar energy show in South Africa. Participating in the exhibition again not only reflects that TOPBAND pays close attention to the new energy needs of Africa, and is committed to providing overseas customers with efficient new energy comprehensive solutions, but also proves TOPBAND’s determination and strong strength in expanding overseas new energy markets.

As an innovation leader in the new energy industry, TOPBAND will continue to uphold the brand core value concept of "Agile, innovation and partner", and work with industry customers and partners to provide faster, newer and better new energy products and solutions for Africa and other overseas regions, promote the global energy transition, create a sustainable energy future, and make the world smarter and low-carbon.

We sincerely invite you to visit Solar&Storage Live Africa 2024, and expects you at Hall B, 142, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg.