TOPBAND Mexico Factory Enters Mass Production Successfully, Taking Global Delivery Capacity to A Next Level


Shenzhen, China, July 20, 2023 – TOPBAND (Stock Code: 002139.SZ) announcedthat its Monterrey factory in Mexico has entered mass production in Q2 2023.This marks another significant milestone in the company's global layout. Thesuccessful mass production of the Mexican factory demonstrates TOPBAND'sability to locally manufacture and supply customers in the Americas, furtherenhancing its global production capacity and providing more agile and efficientdelivery services to customers in the Americas and worldwide.

Deeply Localized, Synergy with Local Industries Achieving MutualDevelopment

On July 18th, at 10:00 am local time, TOPBAND Mexico held a grandmass production ceremony inside the factory. Iván Rivas Rodríguez, Secretary ofEconomy of the Government of the State of Nuevo León, Emmanuel Loo, DeputySecretary of Economic Development of the State of Nuevo León, Eulalio CárdenasGarcía, City Clerk of Ciénega de Flores, Ma Wei, Deputy General Manager of TOPBANDand General Manager of TOPBAND Microelectronics Business Group, Li Wei, GeneralManager of T1 BU of TOPBAND Company, Luo Jian, General Manager of TOPBANDMexico, and Sergio Guevara, Head of Production at TOPBAND Mexico, attended theceremony and visited the factory, praising the facilities and operation of thefactory.

TOPBANDManagement Team with Officials from the State of Nuevo León, Mexico

Ma Wei,Deputy General Manager of TOPBAND (Left Third)

Iván RivasRodríguez, Secretary of Economy of the Government ofthe State of Nuevo León (Left Fourth)

"I would like to express my thanks to the government of thestate of Nuevo León and the municipal government of Ciénega de Flores for theirsupport. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the employees ofTOPBAND Mexico for their contribution to our operations and achievements." Ma Wei, Deputy General Manager of TOPBAND, said, "We will continueto cooperate with the government, and provide a favorable working environmentand training opportunities for our employees. With increased productioncapacity, we aim to deliver more efficient services to customers in theAmericas and worldwide."

Ma Wei,Deputy General Manager of TOPBAND, Delivered a Keynote Speech

“With international companies like TOPBAND, China has become thesecond country with the most investments in Nuevo Leon, only behind the UnitedStates” Ivan RivasRodríguez, Secretary of Economy of the Government of the State of Nuevo León,said, TOPBAND's investment in Mexico is taking place in a very favorableeconomic context, which is good news for the entire state of Nuevo León." Accordingto data from Nuevo León state, the electrical and power equipment manufacturingindustry is a key sector in Nuevo León's economy, representing 17.3% of totalexports. Both parties will further collaborate to boost local industries,stimulate the economy, and achieve mutual prosperity.

Iván Rivas Rodríguez, Secretary of Economy of theGovernment of the State of Nuevo León, Delivered a Keynote Speech

Located in Monterrey, Mexico'slargest industrial city, the TOPBAND Mexico factory spans 43,000 square metersand has a construction area of 18,610 square meters. With an investment ofapproximately $35 million, TOPBAND is committed to a localization-orientedoperational model with the participation of Chinese management and partnerswith the local government. By the end of 2023, the factory is expected toprovide over 300 jobs and achieve mutual growth with its employees and thefactory.

Rapid Growing, TOPBAND Mexico Factory Advances Global ProductionCapacity

Since its official launch and operation in late 2022,to obtaining UL certification for related products, and then achieving massproduction in Q2 2023, the TOPBAND Mexico factory has successfully reached severalmilestones since its establishment. The factory has experienced rapiddevelopment, fully leveraging TOPBAND's technological expertise and operationalexperience. It has also demonstrated its capacity to quickly establishlocalized new product introduction (NPI) capabilities, cater to customers'requirements, and efficiently execute product introduction, production, anddelivery processes.

TOPBAND Mexico Factory at Monterrey

TOPBANDMexico factory, leveraging its strategic location and technological expertise,offers proximity and agile delivery services to meet the specific productrequirements of customers in North America and Latin America. By capitalizingon Mexico's well-developed maritime transportation and extensive network ofdomestic ports, the factory plays a crucial role in connecting the global tradezone and ensuring the prompt delivery of customer-requested products.

The mass production ofthe Mexican factory is a significant milestone in the company'sinternationalization journey, providing nearby and agile delivery services tocustomers in the Americas market. This demonstrates the company's"customer intimacy" strategy. TOPBAND will be based on a globalvision in the future, with high product quality, international productioncapacity layout, and stable supply capacity, as well as global partners formutual benefit, building a more intelligent and lower-carbon world!