TOPBAND Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with HuiZhou Communications Investment Group, Jointly Support Development of New Energy Storage Industry in Huizhou


Huizhou, China, July 13, 2023 - TOPBAND (Stock Code: 002139.SZ)'sChairman of the Board, Mr. Wu Yongqiang, was invited to attend the Huizhou NewEnergy Storage Industry Development Pushing Forward Meeting. He had ameaningful discussion with officials from the Huizhou municipal government andother attendees in the industry on how to support the development of HuizhouCity's new energy storage industry. Additionally, Mr. Wu represented TOPBAND insigning a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Guangdong HuizhouCommunications Investment Group to jointly support the high-quality developmentof Huizhou City's new energy storage. This meeting focused on building HuizhouCity's strategic industry cluster for new energy storage, seizing the strategicopportunity in the new energy industry, and proactively supporting Huizhou Cityin becoming a pilot demonstration city for new energy storage applications.

In 2011, TOPBAND established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Huizhou,specializing in providing customers with intelligent control solutions acrossvarious industries including home appliances, power tools, new energy,industrial control, and Intelligent solutions. Since its establishment, TOPBANDhas played a significant role in the development of related industries andeconomic growth in Huizhou city. With years of experience in the new energyindustry, TOPBAND has emerged as an innovative leader. By leveraging advancedtechnologies in electric cells, BMS, PCS, and EMS (1C3S), TOPBAND empowersenergy storage and new energy vehicle applications. In this meeting, Mr. Wushowcased TOPBAND's comprehensive solutions for PV, energy storage, andcharging systems.

Mr. Wu Yongqiang, Chairman of the Board, TOPBAND,introduced TOPBAND’s new energy products to Liu Ji (Left Second), Secretary ofthe Chinese Communist Party Huizhou Municipal Committee, Wen Jinrong (LeftFirst), Mayor of Huizhou City and Liao Wei (Right Second), Director of Huizhou MunicipalIndustry and Information Technology Bureau

TOPBAND Showcased New Energy Products

Jointly Supporting the High-Quality Development of Huizhou's NewEnergy Storage Industry with Huizhou Communications Investment Group

In the meeting, TOPBANDsigned the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with HuizhouCommunications Investment Group. Both parties will collaborate on PV, energystorage, and charging total solutions, innovations, and leading the developmentof the industry chain. Ultimately, both parties will leverage their strengthsto make significant contributions to Huizhou's new energy storage development.

Signing Ceremony for Huizhou New Energy Storage StationApplication Project (Mr. Wu Yongqiang, Chairman of the Board, TOPBAND, RightFirst)

TOPBAND’sleading products, technology, and solutions in energy storage, charging piles,and IoT platforms will be applied to projects undertaken by HuizhouCommunications Investment Group, including high-speed roads, trunk highways,rail traffic, smart parking lots, bus stations, and mining yards. Thiscollaboration will accelerate the intelligent and low-carbon transformation ofthe transportation industry in Huizhou.

Furthermore,both parties will explore potential needs in different scenarios and worktogether to develop innovative solutions. TOPBAND will utilize its leadingproducts, R&D resources, and experience in intelligent control and newenergy to empower Huizhou Communications Investment Group in achieving itsmission and improving the competitiveness of Huizhou's new energy storageindustry. In addition, both parties aim to improve collaborations throughoutthe entire industry chain in Huizhou City and beyond, supporting thehigh-quality development and industry upgrades that facilitate thetransformation from "Made in Huizhou" to "Innovated inHuizhou". Both parties will also support the establishment of a new energystorage strategic industry cluster in Huizhou.

Inthe future, TOPBAND looks forward to working with Huizhou CommunicationsInvestment Group by leveraging each other's strengths to support Huizhou Cityin building a new energy storage strategic industry cluster. We aim to seizenew energy strategic opportunities and contribute to Huizhou City's goal ofbecoming a pilot demonstration city for new energy storage applications.

Asan innovative leader in the new energy industry, TOPBAND always upholds thecore value of "Agility·Innovation·Partnership" and persists intechnology and product innovation. In the future, TOPBAND will continue to makeefforts in the new energy field, lead the industry change, and work withcustomers and partners in the industry to build a more intelligent andlow-carbon world!