TOPBAND Mexico factory is put into operation, deeply promoting international layout


TOPBAND considers international factory layout as an important strategic direction in order to further implement the"customer intimacy" strategy and provide global customers with nearby and agile delivery services. As one of the most important engines of global business development, TOPBAND Mexico factory is officially put into operation in November 2022 after meticulous preparation. It marks the further improvement in international layout of TOPBAND, which is capable to provide strong support for the development of business in the Americas.

With its proximity to both the enormous Latin American market and the economically developed North American Free Trade Zone, Mexico enjoys a special geographic advantage that allows it to play asignificant role in trade between North and South America as well as the rest of the world. TOPBAND Mexico factory is situated in Monterrey, the country's most industrialized city. It has a total area of 43,000 ㎡and a construction area of 18,610 ㎡. With the total investment of more than 100 million yuan, the factory has dozens of SMT and DIP production lines planned for the future, allowing it to adapt quickly to production capacity requirements.

TOPBAND Mexico factory is successful put intoproduction, accelerating global delivery

TOPBAND Mexico factory,with developed maritime transportation, a wide range of domestic ports, and the unique advantage of connecting to the world trade zone, can respond quickly tothe needs of customers in the Americas under a favorable business environment. It takes advantage of the superior geographic location close to customers to accelerate delivery nearby, and significantly reduce delivery time due to logistics and other factors. TOPBAND has established 17 production bases and R&D centers around the world, covering Asia, America, Europe, and other global regions since its inception. The completion of the Mexico factory improves TOPBAND's global strategic layout, and TOPBAND will continue to promote the global factory layout and accelerate production capacity release in the future.

Linking global production bases, continuing to build a global supply chain system

Supply chain security has become the core competitiveness that companies must build, based on international community geopolitics, nature, epidemics, and other uncertainties. In this context, TOPBAND is committed to establishing scientific and rigorous global supplier certification standards, with China headquartersserving as the main planning center, connecting other production bases around the world, and achieving the best global logistics, customs, and services. The successful operation of the Mexico factory is a significant step toward realizing a global supply chain system. TOPBAND can get closer to customers and provide them with more lean and agile delivery services by leveraging both the China headquarters platform and the Mexico localization.

Building efficient synergy between global production bases and offices to consolidate capabilities

TOPBAND has formed a strong partnership-based customer service capability and established a deep partnership with global customers in various business areas based on profound insight into customer needs and profound technical precipitation. The successful operation of the Mexico factory can quickly build localized NPI introduction capability, meet customized needs, and efficiently complete product introduction, production, and delivery. In addition, 17 production bases, R&D centers, and more than ten offices around the world collaborate effectively to respond quickly to demand and provide timely feedback, providing more agile and efficient services to global customers, and realizing value creation and value sharing with customers.

As a leading global provider of intelligent control solutions, TOPBAND adheres tothe core value of "Agile·Innovation·Partnership," providing diversified customized solutions for industries of home appliances, power tools, new energy, industrial andintelligent solutions, etc., with the "four electrics and onenetwork" technology of electric control, motor, battery, power supply and IoT platform as its core.

TOPBAND will be based on a global vision in the future, with high product quality,international production capacity layout, and stable supply capacity, as well as global partners for mutual benefit, building a more intelligent and lower-carbon world!