Join forces to create a better future, Topband and PAS  reached a strategic cooperation


On November 30, PAS Management Holding GmbH (hereinafter referred to as PAS ) and Shenzhen Topband Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Topband) announced that they have reached a strategic cooperation and held a strategic cooperation agreement and a joint venture agreement cloud signing ceremony. The two parties will give full play to their unique advantages in talents, technology and markets to establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship.

Chairman and General Manager of Topband Wu Yongqiang, Director and General Manager of Microcontrol Business Unit of Topband Ma Wei, Director and General Manager of Intelligent Control Business Unit of Topband Peng Ganquan, Assistant to General Manager and Strategy Director of Topband Liu Tianxi,; CEO of PAS Aschenbrenner, Chief Executive Manager of BU Wire Harness of PAS Daume, CFO of PAS Born, General Manager of PAS Nanjing/ Chief Executive Manager of BU Wire Harness of PAS Bauerschmidt attended the signing ceremony. Ms. Wen Zhaohui, Investment Director of Topband, and Mr. Beil, CEO of PCS Group, the parent company of PAS Group, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

During the meeting, Mr. Wu Yongqiang fully affirmed the value and positive effects of the strategic cooperation between the two parties, and expressed sincere greetings to the partners who jointly fight against the pandemic. Mr. Beil believes that through cooperation, the two parties will become more comprehensive system suppliers on their own, and they can fully synergize, utilize superior resources and tap the potential of the global market so as to achieve a win-win situation. The two parties also communicated and reached a preliminary consensus on important issues such as the establishment of a strategic cooperation team and future cooperation as well as its direction for the next step.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement and the joint venture agreement signed by the two parties, Topband and PAS Group will carry out in-depth global cooperation in the fields of electronic and electromechanical systems. Topband will take a stake in PAS Electronic Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. under PAS Management Holding GmbH. With this opportunity, the two parties will conduct comprehensive cooperation in collaboratively utilizing their global sales and R&D resources.

Topband and PAS Group successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a joint venture agreement

Ms. Wen Zhaohui, Investment Director signed the agreements on behalf of Topband

CEO of PCS Group, Mr.Beil was giving a speech.


PAS Group, the world's leading company in the field of home appliance human-machine interface systems and interior and exterior lighting solutions in the automotive industry, has been providing high-level mechatronics system solutions to global customers through global production bases and sales networks. The Prettl Group, which PAS belongs to, has 36 branches in 25 countries around the world, and has production bases and sales networks in Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhu etc.

Topband, the pioneer and leading brand of China's intelligent control industry, and also the world's leading provider of intelligent control solutions. It upholds the concept of using intelligent control technology to provide customers with value and benefit everyone. With the technology of advanced motors, electronic control, battery and self-developed IoT platform T-SMART, it explores and develops in the four major industries of home appliances, tools, lithium batteries and industrial products.