TOPBAND provides control system design and manufacturing solutions for customers of home appliance, tool, new energy, industrial, and AIoT industries.

TOPBAND has 1500+ R&D staff and 2700+ patents application, whose R&D investment accounted for 7.21%, far exceeding the industry average.

As a professional and comprehensive certification and testing technology service platform, the scope of the central lab covers EMC, RF, reliability, safety, failure analysis and component verification, environment protection. We are a lab committed to providing customers with excellent services, including regulatory compliance evaluation, product reliability testing scheme design, testing, certification, failure analysis and component verification.

Shenzhen Topband Co., Ltd is rewarded as an outstanding member of National Standardization Committee of household automatic control (TC212) and National Standardization Committee of household automatic control frequency conversion control (TC212/SC1). As a representative of TOPBAND Group, the central lab also participates in drafting and revision of relevant national standards, industry standards and IEC standards.

Adhering to the quality policy of "scientific and rigorous, objective and fair, standard controllable and data traceable", we continuously gather experience and wisdom. We are committed to providing professional, fair, accurate, efficient services and providing technical support for the development and quality of products for TOPBAND Group.